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Check out our martial arts school in Jamaica, NY serving clients from Ozone Park & Ridgewood, Queens, NY

While fight scenes in movies may look cool, real fights can be dangerous. Spirit Martial Arts will teach you everything you need to know to protect yourself and others. We offer tae kwon do and jiu-jitsu classes in Ozone Park, New York. While tae kwon do is most popular with children, we can teach anyone at any skill level. Interested in jiu-jitsu? Our classes are for ages 10 and up.

You'll flourish at our martial arts school. Call 718-849-8400 now to sign up for a jiu-jitsu or tae kwon do class in Ozone Park, New York.

About Us

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About Us

Tae kwon do

Learn self-discipline and fighting skills by taking a tae kwon do class.

Tae kwon do


You'll learn how to turn the tide of a fight in our jiu-jitsu classes.



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5 reasons to enroll in our martial arts school

Spirit Martial Arts first opened in 2011. Over the years, we've taught many students the value of self-defense and respect for others. Visit our martial arts school to:

  1. Make friends with other people in the community
  2. Get first-class instruction from an award-winning instructor
  3. Learn how to succeed in jiu-jitsu competitions
  4. Improve your stamina, coordination and balance
  5. Gain better self-control and more muscle


Umman A.

The teacher's very cool and understanding. One should visit it for sure if they want to learn Taekwondo.

Philip M.

The sweetest guy to meet but on the mat WATCH OUT!! Master Huh is just great. There are no two ways to say it. He is out there, triangling the best of them in tournaments, and back on the mats making the kids laugh in the tae kwando kids' class. Great personality for a teacher; patient and very knowledgeable. If you are a beginner you can go there and learn at your own pace. If you are advanced -guess who you'll be rolling with! If you've been thinking about taking classes, you can just go by and watch, or even try it out for free. Good guy -good classes, highly recommended.

Cynthia S.

Best martial art school ever ! The grandmaster with professional technique and with his heart and soul to teach his students!

Lisa V.

Would recommend this school to everyone. Great instructors very knowledgeable an excellent workout and you learn so much!

Craig D.

Sop Huh is a very talented and dedicated instructor, practitioner and competitor.